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Despite the unprecedented number of channels to connect to talent, we are currently in the most candidate-driven market since 2006.

There are numerous businesses, possibly including your competitors, seeking the same candidates with the skills your organisation needs.

With candidate identification and attraction a growing challenge, Howarth Morris wanted to offer our clients a solution – not just a summary of the challenges.

Our answer?



HM Vantage is a market-leading, fully secure video interviewing technology designed specifically for the UK professional recruitment sector.

Combining the 50+ years professional UK recruitment experience of Howarth Morris with the technical expertise of our software partner, we believe this is the first dynamic improvement to the talent attraction process since the introduction of LinkedIn.

A fully secure, GDPR compliant platform, HMVantage allows you to accelerate the recruitment process and engage with talent that previously may have been lost to your hiring process.

Featuring easy to use, one-click technology, HMVantage can be accessed via smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It is also fully recordable and can be shared via email, allowing ease of access to all stakeholders –irrespective of location.

HM Vantage is the perfect synergy of consulting and tech to maximise quality and minimise time.


What does that mean to you?

You will still get the benefit of a first-class recruitment service from an experienced specialist in their market, with full candidate-market access.

However, instead of having to review a range of CV’s – often across a number of invested parties – you will get a shortlist of video first interviews.

Not only are these interviews specific to your role, but they are also targeted to your business, only covering the key questions that are important to the role.

The HMVantage interviews are sent to you by email and can be easily shared across any decision makers invested in the process, viewed at any time on any device.*


It can also be used for you to conduct direct candidate interviews, with up to 8 stakeholders.  This means any key decision makers who can’t be in the area, still be in the interview.

And for the candidate whose CV you love?  Who is potentially on holiday, or working 12-hour days for year-end?

No problem. 

Your Howarth Morris consultant can undertake the interview on your behalf at a time to suit the candidate; whether that’s at midnight or midday.

It saves you time, it saves the candidate time whilst showing how vested in technology and progressive recruitment tools both you and your business are.

If you’re interested in finding more about HMVantage, including:

How the platform works

The technology behind it

Different ways to utilise HMVantage

And, most importantly, how it can benefit your business in identifying the best talent from the full market

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