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Four Ways to be a Better Manager

Management is a fine art which many have tried to make into a science. There is never one prescriptive approach, nor an essential checklist to be the best ever manager.

However, there are actions that you can take to aid your managerial development, enhance your team’s wellbeing and promote their performance.

We’ve outlined four of the most important ideas that you can use to help become a better manager.

1. Be passionate about people.

When becoming a manager, you go from being evaluated on your technical skills to being judged on your people management skills.

People-management requires a completely different skill set and completely transforms the day-to-day responsibilities of an employee.

That’s why it’s important to make sure this change is what you want – and if you’re already a manager, that you’re enjoying this challenge.

Becoming a manager shouldn’t be the only way to progress your career within an organisation – if it is, then perhaps it’s time to explore other organisations that value technical skills as well as people skills.

2. Be inclusive.

Making sure your team feel like they belong is fundamental to having a happy, productive and innovative individuals who can successfully work together.

Diversity alone is not enough: encouraging your team to feel comfortable enough be themselves and to shake off their “identity cover”.

Creating this type of environment can be challenging but getting to understand who your employees are – especially the underrepresented ones – is key.

3. Be a leader.

Leading by example is always the best way to set precedent and encourage best practice.

If your team see that you’re always working late, sending emails on weekends and stressed out – chances are they will behave the same way.

This is one way to cultivate a group of people who have low job satisfaction and poor time management.

Leaders also recognise the importance of having a clearly mapped out vision: how you are going to achieve what you are passionate about.

This idea needs to inspire, guide and focus your team so they can help you to realise this vision.

To do this, your vision needs to be succinctly communicated to your team.

Which leads us on to our next point…

4. Communicate!

Communication is king as a manager.

Having clear and open communication is imperative: it allows teams to be responsive, prevents problems from festering and leads to overall increases in satisfaction and productivity.

And who doesn’t want that?

Communication as a leader requires listening as well as being listened to.

Communication of expectations of both your team, and what your team expects from you can also help avoid frustration and disappointment.


Howarth Morris is the North-West’s leading recruiter for high-level Finance and HR positions.

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