Accounting and Finance

In the first blog of this series, we speak to Lucy whose career is just taking off…

An Accounting and Finance student at Leeds Beckett University, she is currently completing a 14-month Internship at a global-facing American aviation company as part of her degree programme.

We find out her favourite things about her job, misconceptions about accountants and what she thinks is the most important consideration when applying for jobs in the industry.

Hi Lucy! Aviation sounds like an interesting industry to work in. What is the best bit about working for a global aviation business?

“The company is constantly changing and expanding which is great for challenging and fast-paced work with a constant need to adapt to new situations – something I really enjoy!”

For you, what’s the most interesting thing you have learnt while working for an aviation company?

“It’s been very interesting to see how the company approaches forecasting in the long term.

Being in the aviation sector we have to look at projects from a long-term perspective, considering 10-15 years into the future.

You have to take into account lots of different factors – what the industry will look like at that time, what will the value of money be, if there will be further developments in technology and more!

Listening to my team’s discussions and their approaches to this has taught me that to succeed in finance, you must have a great business mindset.”

What is one thing you think people get wrong about working in accounting?

“The accounting and finance industry can sometimes be seen as very boring. Most people think that accountants are dull and robotic, yet I’ve found that accountants have the most fun out of the whole business!

“The teams will work long hours together and might have to come in over weekends, but they always have a smile on their face.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into accounting and finance?

“My advice to anyone who is applying for a role in the accounting and finance industry is to not give up. You may get rejected more that 20 times, but you will find the right business to work for.

Do your research into the company and consider how your talents will fit in.

For example, if a company is well-established and have been operating for over 50 years, then they may be looking to hire a young and enthusiastic accountant who can bring in fresh ideas and process improvements.”

What would you say is a crucial consideration when deciding which jobs to apply for?

“Make sure you have an interest in the business sector that you will be working in!

Don’t just apply to somewhere because they have a job vacancy.”

Why is that?

“If you apply for a role in the aviation industry but you have no interest in learning or understanding the work that they do, then you will not enjoy working with their financial information.

An accounting and finance function within a business is more than just numbers – it’s crucial to want to be a part of the bigger picture.”



Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Lucy! Sounds like your internship is providing you with a wealth of opportunities, knowledge and understanding that is going to pay off no end.



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