4 Tips to Onboard Remote Employees

Coronavirus has created a curious and somewhat strange scenario for companies all around the world. Growing businesses require new staff, but how do you remotely onboard a new starter who you may never have met face-to-face and has no plans to visit the office any time soon?


Some companies have not allowed coronavirus to halt their recruitment strategy but others like SMEs are finding it harder to structure a process.


It is important to have a structured remote onboarding procedure, and knowing how to deliver the following key elements is crucial to getting it right:


  1. Have a detailed plan that allows for a quick, organised and reliable onboarding process
  2. Cover the employee’s bases with contact details for HR, IT and Management
  3. Ensure that there is an opportunity for making social connections with the team
  4. Create a methodical, succinct and relevant training schedule


Studies have found that as many as 90% of people make the decision as to whether they are going to stick with a new employer in the first six months of working for them, so first impressions can be a big deal and if you don’t get it right at the beginning, you may never properly integrate that new employee.


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